Stone Soup Hoots

Stone Soup Coffeehouse has a history of recognizing talent. We are proud to provide a venue for aspiring singer-songwriters as well as established artists. We recognize that Rhode Island has many fine talented musicians.

Several times a year Stone Soup concerts open with a “Hoot” (otherwise known as an Open Mike). Four performers take the stage for one song each. Sign-ups are on the day of the show and begin during ticket sales.

Come early to sign up! We have had many singers making their debut in front of an audience, and we have had quite established performers come to “try out” a new song. It is always a good time!

2013/2014 “Hooters”

March 22, 2014

Stone Soup March 22 2014
Betsy Cazden, Diane Ballistello, WS Monroe and Rebecca Leuchak, Kevin Clark

November 9, 2013
Open Mic November 9, 2013
Sage Snider Joe Dziobel, WS Monroe

2010/2011 “Hooters”

November 20, 2010

Tim McCarthy, Ken Totushek, WS Monroe, Ken Bryant

2011/2012 “Hooters”
October 22, 2011
Bill Monroe October 22 2011
WS Monroe

February 4, 2012

Stone Soup Hoot February 4 2012 small
  Bruce Parmentier, Tracie Potochnik, WS Monroe & Rebecca Leuchak

April 14, 2012
Evan Magee and Jake Torpey April 14 2012
Evan Magee and Jake Torpey

2012/2013 “Hooters”
Stone Soup Hoot November 24, 2012 large
Bill Nottage, Joe Dziobel, Paul Pasch