Thirty - four years ago several Rhode Island musicians and songwriters were inspired by Pete Seeger to share their music with each other and a wider audience. Stone Soup Folk Arts Foundation and Stone Soup Coffeehouse resulted. Read what these Stone Soup Founders had to say when we celebrated our thirtieth year!
Stone Soup Coffeehouse is now one of the oldest and largest coffeehouse venues in New England, presenting live music on Saturday nights from September through the end of May. Stone Soup presents talented artists, some very well known, such as Pete Seeger, Greg Brown, Patty Larkin, Ellis Paul, and Girlyman as well as many gifted acoustic musicians and songwriters from the New England Area. Stone Soup Coffeehouse has a history of recognizing talent and is proud to have featured many artists, such as Catie Curtis, Pendragon, Atwater-Donnelly, and Erin McKeown, who have since become well known nationally.

Stone Soup is a member of the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association.
The name "Stone Soup" was taken from the folk tale about building community. In the story a beggar coming in to town is initially rebuffed by the townspeople. He offers to make his special “stone” soup and invites all to partake, eventually winning over the town and their communal contributions to make a truly magical soup.

The magic is the building of a community, which is what we do at Stone Soup. At Stone Soup, artist, volunteer and audience bring something special to a performance and the result is truly magical.

We invite you to "help make the soup" - whether you volunteer, participate in a Hoot, or come on Saturday nights to enjoy the music.